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Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data

As a responsible company, we at made the necessary changes to the site's Privacy Policy and took the necessary steps to improve the security of data collection, storage and processing in accordance with the EU-wide Privacy Regulation (GDPR ).

In this regard, every registered user of is required to express his / her consent to the collection, processing and storage of his / her personal data on the site. Please note that consent already given may subsequently be withdrawn at your request and request at any time. Starting May 25, 2018, the personal information you collect so far will be limited to a username, email, password and IP address (which is automatically obtained). Accounts of users who do not confirm their agreement to the basic purposes of registering with by May 25, 2018 will be locked / encrypted / deactivated. Such accounts will only be available after obtaining your consent.

You have the opportunity to visit our site without leaving your personal information. After your visit, only non-personally identifiable information will be stored, such as the name of your internet provider, the name of the site from which you navigated to our site, as well as information about the data you searched for. This information is only used to improve our service and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your personality. Your personal data may only be requested and stored with your consent in the event that you place an order or wish to subscribe for information.

The information you submit will only be used for the purposes of processing your order. After the final processing of your order and payment of the price of the goods, your data will be blocked for later use and will be deleted after the expiry of the provisions of the commercial law, unless you wish to use your data within on our site. If you subscribe to the information, your email will only be used for advertising purposes with your consent until you cancel your subscription.

Without your consent, we undertake not to use tracking tools for a hidden purpose: - collecting personal information about you - transferring your personal data to third parties and marketing platforms - combining the data with your personal data (name, address, etc.). n.) Transmission of Personal Data Subsequently, your personal data may be transferred to a transport company in case they are needed for the delivery of the goods. In order to make payments, we submit the necessary details for you to an authorized financial institution.