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Wallpaper adhesives

MasterFix Normal
MasterFix® Normal is a polymeric adhesive for wallpapers designed specifically for comfortable and quality work when paste different types of wall and weight wall covering. It dissolves extremely quickly and completely in the water. Ready to use after 3 minutes.A box of adhesive is suffici..
3.80 €
MasterFix Special
MasterFix® Normal is a polymer glue for wallpapers designed specifically for comfort and quality work for bonding of different weight and density wall coverings. Dissolves rapidly and completely in water. Ready for use after 3 minutes.Bonding of:ordinary wallpapersnovamura (Foam ..
4.50 €
Wallpaper Glue Wallpaper Glue
MAIN PROVISIONS:The glue is suitable for: single-sided wallpaper (simplex), relief wallpaper (duplex), vinyl pvc wallpaper and wallpaper for bathroom, wallpaper on the base.Preparation time - 3 min. Ideal for bonding and easy to use. Contains antimicrobial supplements, is ecologically clean, does no..
5.21 €
Wallpaper Glue Box Wallpaper Glue Box
MAIN ADVANTAGES:The adhesive is suitable for: single-layer wallpapers (simplex), embossed wallpapers (duplex), vinyl PVC wallpapers, and wallpapers for bathrooms, as well as non-woven wallpapers.Preparation time - 3 minutes. Ideal for application and easy to use. Contains antimicrobial additives, en..
9.50 €
Wallpaper glue Eur 3000 Indicator Pink 300 gSpecialized glue with a colored contour of application.With a fresh smell of lemon. The adhesive becomes transparent after drying.It is suitable for vinyl wallpapers, PVC wallpaper, rafffeiser and other heavy wallpaper.High adhesion force through an ACE ad..
9.20 €
Wallpaper glue Pufas Spezial
Wallpaper glue Eur 3000 Indicator Pink 200 g​For all types of vinyl, PVC and paper wallpaper.Ready to use after 5 minutes.Excellent glue distribution, high bond strength.Contains an ADA supplement.   ..
6.50 €
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